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General Information on Country Branding

Publishing Title/Topic Link
Association for Place Branding & Public Diplomacy The mission is to establish and shape place branding and public diplomacy as a distinctive discipline with its own progressive methods. [1]
Branding Places Branding Places - Keeping you in the know for all things place branding. [2]
Branding Strategy Insider Challenges of Destination Marketing [3]
Branding Strategy Insider Place Branding for Small Municipalities [4]
Centre of Place Branding The network is an online initiative that comprises three separate centres. [5]
Corporate Branding Strategy An overview of the industry [6]
Council of Foreign Relations An explanation of nation branding [7]
Council of Foreign Relations Nation Branding Explained [8]
Diaspora Matters Nation Branding [9]
Gerardot&Co Place Branding Destination Marketing [10]
Journal of Brand Management Journal of Brand Management's special issue: Nation Branding [11]
Our Place Branding Our Place Branding Principales [12]
Place Management and Branding Special Edition of the International Place Branding Conference in Utrecht (January 2012) [13]
Prophet What is Nation Branding? [14]
Sebastian Zenker Place Branding & Marketing [15]
The Edge Malaysia Successful Nation Branding [16]
The Place Brand Observer Branding and Reputations insights, strategies, examples [17]
Vincent Gollain Le marketing territorial au service de l'attractivité [18]

City Branding

Title/Topic Source Link
Cities marketing [19]
Association of European cities in order to help them in terms of marketing [20]
City Branding information [21]
Birmingham's marketing model [22]
City Branding model [23]
Cities and Regions Marketing model and Best Practicies [24]