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Country Branding Central © has been created with the aim of becoming a significant location to access essential information about Nation Branding and Country Branding. At present, Nation Branding and Country Branding is merely boasted by a hand full of individuals, but the vision is to let the forum reach a critical mass. This is in order to begin to cultivate a good opportunity for information, where we share our knowledge in exchange for others’ knowledge.

One might question why there might be any interest in launching a platform like this. Is it worth the effort? The answer is yes: it is worth all effort. To provide information and facilitate the distribution of the latest research within the field, not only benefits the specialists, but it also makes ordinary people aware of the existence of this research area. This is a good opportunity to promote country branding to the citizens and enhances their knowledge about the field, which in fact might lead to the correction of the current misconceptions about Nation Branding, Country Branding, Place Branding, Geographical Branding, Region Branding, City Branding.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started! Read and please participate!

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